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Put the legal experience of King County, Washington traffic ticket attorneys Donaldson & Knigge, LLC to work for you.

Once you hire us we take 
care of all the paperwork.

Being issued a traffic or speeding ticket in King County creates major hassles. Your insurance may go up. Your traffic record is marred. You may even lose your right to drive. We work to limit your risk and reduce your hassle.

King traffic court procedures can be unfamiliar to most people, which is why it can be difficult for most motorists to make a persuasive presentation to the judge. Having a lawyer represent you can dramatically increase the chances of winning the traffic case, keeping the violation off your record and reducing the fine or receiving no fine at all.

Donaldson & Knigge, LLC are Washington traffic attorneys who know the local court rules and have had previous experience in front of the same local judges. This allows them to examine all aspects of your case and present your traffic matter in a more logical and effective way.

If you have a King County, Washington traffic ticket or speeding ticket, turn to traffic ticket attorneys Donaldson & Knigge, LLC in Seattle, Washington for a free consultation of your case.

Traffic lawyers with years of experience and proven success in every
 King area traffic court.

From speeding to stop light tickets we will work to defend you in relation to all types of King County traffic infractions. For a complete list of all ticket types please see below. We charge $285.00 for infractions (Negligent Driving 2nd degree $400) in King, Pierce and King County. If you have more than one infraction on a ticket we charge $50.00 for each additional infraction. Contact us for our rates in Skagit, Whatcom, and Island Counties.

We also offer student, military, and senior discounts.

Telephone and internet consultations are 
always FREE with no obligation.

The following is a partial list of the types 
of traffic ticket and violation cases we handle for our clients:

• Speeding

• Following too close
• Failure to yield
• Serious moving violations 

• CDL-Commercial

• Missed Court 

• Red light 

• Stop sign
• U-Turn

• HOV / Carpool lane violations 

• No registration

• No insurance 

• Equipment violation

In most King County traffic violation cases, there is no need for meetings at our office or even the need for you to appear in court for your hearing. Just call us at 206-915-0137 or use the contact form on this website to submit your King County traffic ticket information. We do all the work and appear on your behalf. It's that simple.